26/05/04: FRET LEVEL & CROWN
Before you start work, it is a good idea to protect the body of your guitar with paper and masking tape - you will find that the filings from the frets will be all over your pickup poles if you don't!

Slacken off your strings until you can pull three strings off to each side of the fingerboard; tape them behind the neck. Adjust the neck truss rod until the fingerboard is flat (a 12" steel ruler is helpful here). Protect your fingerboard with strips of masking tape, then colour the fret tops with a felt-tip marking pen so you can see where you have levelled. Using a steel level with 320 grit on one side, and 600 grit on the other, level your frets.

Add 4 layers of tape at the 10th fret, re-colour the fret tops from the 11th to last frets, and level off the those frets slightly more to allow for "fret falloff" that is necessary for string clearance at the high frets.

Clean off the frets with meths, isopropanol alchohol or lighter fluid.

Re-colour all fret tops with your marking pen, then use a diamond crown file (lubricated with 'Pro-Cut' or similar) to round off fret sides; a slight flat is left on the fret tops - this will round off later with the "hand honing" process.

Round off the fret tops with 600 grit wet-and-dry paper. Buff the fret tops with a rapid motion from the first to the last frets, up and down the neck.

Using a round ended, hard foam rubber backing and Micro Mesh abrasives, 1500 grit through 12000 grit, to hone and polish the frets. Use the same first to last fret buffing motion. If you don't have these abrasive pads to hand, I often find that 0000 grade steel wool does an excellent job!

Your frets will now be super smooth and shiney, and your guitar ready to play!

Reproduced with kind permission of www.frettech.com. Please visit their great website!