Want to source some parts? Need some cheap strings? Or maybe you would like to read about all those guitars that made the Fab Four so famous? Are you into Rickenbackers but don't know any good sites?
These are some of my favourite links - I hope that you will find something of interest! If any of these links are 'dead', please email me and I'll remove them. Similarly, if there are any links that you would like to see added, send 'em in and if they're any good, I'll add 'em!

Top quality gear at great prices via Andy's eBay Shop - bid on a bargain!
Great source of info on collecting old vintage guitars.
Everything for the Rickenbacker enthusiast - what a wonderful site!
Used Japanese guitars - absolutely fantastic deals and superb service!
Probably the best guitar prices ANYWHERE in the UK - my favourite shop!
Fascinating site all about the Beatle's guitars - recommended reading!
Fantastic range of GFS pickups (try them SOON!) and parts/accessories - highly recommended!
Fender Vintage Guitar Detail Pictures - amazing! An enthusiast's dream!
Superb eBay store - pages & pages of great parts at great prices. Low cost shipping to the UK quickly and hassle-free.
Everything you ever needed to know about refinishing your guitar
Detailed & informative Fender gear reference site - check it out!
No nonsense, honest reviews of ALL guitars - by the BUYERS, not the sellers...
Thinking about buying a Rickenbacker? This is the site for you!
All your favourite brands of strings at super prices - best I've found!